The Province of BC has enacted the Housing Statutes (Residential Development) Amendment Act, 2023 (Bill 44) as part of the Homes for People action plan to address the housing crisis across the Province. The Act sets out new requirements for local governments with respect to small-scale multi-residential housing (SSMUH). Local governments must adopt zoning bylaws that align with the SSMUH legislation by June 30, 2024.

Details on the SSMUH legislation from the Province can be found here:

In response the RDEK is taking the following actions:

  • February 2024 – Board authorization to proceed with drafting bylaws to make amendments to the eight zoning bylaw to permit secondary suites in all residential zones that previously only permitted single family dwellings (one house or duplex zones) as required by the legislation. Secondary suites will only be permitted within the principal dwelling unit within these impacted zones.
  • March to April 2024 – Drafting of the 8 zoning bylaw amendments.
  • May to June 2024 – Bylaw process to adopt the bylaws.
  • Fall 2024 –
    • Proposed separate planning process to consider additional changes to zoning regulations related to secondary suites and accessory dwelling units. This future process will include opportunities for discussion with staff and elected officials on what and how secondary suites such as granny flats, garden suites or laneway housing may fit within each RDEK community.
    • An interim Housing Needs Report will be completed in accordance with Provincial requirements.

Eight bylaw amendments to comply with the SSMUH will be considered by the Board of Directors in May. A summary of the changes for each of the bylaws by electoral area is provided. If you are not sure what Bylaw is in effect for your property, please find your parcel utilizing the RDEK Public Web Map.

The changes are the same for each bylaw, however the sections or zones in each bylaw are impacted differently based on the current definitions, permitted uses, and zoning regulations.

Comments on the changes implemented by the bylaw amendments can accepted until May 6th at 4:30 pm. Planning department staff is available to provide information throughout the implementation process as identified above and contact information can be found on this page under For More Information.