Here is a summary of the impacts that the Bill 44 requirements will have on the Columbia Valley Zoning and Floodplain Management Bylaw:

  • Amendments to the definitions of multiple family dwelling, secondary suite and single family dwelling and total floor space to reflect the changes.
  • Clarification on the maximum number of principal dwelling units permitted by the Bylaw.
  • Increase in permitted size of the secondary suite from 40% to 49% of the principal dwelling unit
  • Secondary suite added as permitted accessory use in the principal dwelling unit only in the following zone:
    • Single Family Residential: R-1
    • Multiple Family Residential (Cluster) – Medium Density Zone: R-4(A)
    • Multiple Family Residential – Community (Cluster) Zone: R-5
    • Recreation Residential Zone: RES-1(A)
  • Decrease in the required side yard setback when adjacent to another parcel that is not a road (interior side yard) from 1.5 m to 1.2 m for the following zone:
    • Single Family Residential Zone: R-1
    • Single Family Residential (A) Zone: R-1(A)
    • Single Family Residential – Secondary Suite Zone: R-1(C)
    • Single Family Residential (Resort) Zone: R-1(D)
    • Single Family Residential - Manufactured Home Zone: R-1(MH)

Requirements under the BC Building Code will still apply to ensure that adequate separations or building material considerations are in place. For information, please contact an RDEK Building Inspector.

To see the full draft bylaw please click here: Bylaw 3316

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