Construction Update #14 - May 15, 2020

Here is the latest construction update.

Both Contractors will be away from the site for the long weekend, leaving sometime today and returning back to work on Tuesday. There will be fencing up around any open excavations.

Timber Ridge & Swansea Project

Work is progressing and we hope to have the north end of Timbermont Drive receiving their water from the new pressure zone on Tuesday. Pressures in the area will be similar or higher than currently in place. We know there have been low pressure issues in this area in the past, so this should improve things. If you own a property in the addresses listed below, please check the Pressure Reducing Valve in your home, you may need to adjust it.

  • 824 to 902 Timbermont Road
  • 4975 Timberside Place
  • All addresses on Timbermont Place
  • All addresses on Timber Heights Rd


The RDEK has extended Marwest Industries contract to include all the additional areas shown in the map sent out earlier (orange lanes). As they prepare for the next phase, Marwest has been starting to prepare to install temporary water in the additional areas. If you own property near our construction areas (shown in orange on this map (click to view)) and are not currently in Windermere, please reach out to Elizabeth at to confirm whether the shut-off in your house is turned off. Next week, Marwest will be working to wrap up construction in Rocky Mountain and working in North Street near the Highway.

With the significantly expanded scope of work, construction is now expected to extend through the summer, with wrap up in August.

The existing Pressure Reducing Station in the turn where Windermere Road becomes Victoria Avenue (across from Coldstream Landing entrance) will also be replaced this summer with an above ground structure.

Also, please note, we do not connect temporary water to homes unless we have word from an owner that we should. If you aren’t in the home, water shouldn’t be required and we prefer not to risk anything. Temporary water can usually be quickly connected to anyone’s house if you are away. However, many of the homes in the additional areas have frost-free hose bibs. These prevent the usual connection, so please provide notice as you decide to come out so that we can ensure water in the home around your arrival. No temporary water is in place for the May long weekend, but as we move forward something to remember.

Questions? Comments?

Elizabeth Ahlgren, Project Supervisor is overseeing the project and is available to discuss anything that comes up. It is best to email her at with your question and a phone number to call you back. You can also call the Cranbrook office and leave a voicemail at 250-489-2791.

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