Construction Update #16 - June 25, 2020

Windermere’s connection to the East Side Lake Windermere water system

New water entering the Windermere water system since early June has been coming from the East Side Lake Windermere water system. RDEK Operators have been flushing the system to ensure that the fully compliant water is throughout the system. They are working with Interior Health to achieve targets that will allow the removal of the Water Quality Advisory, so we hope to share that news with you in the coming weeks.

Flushing of water system does require significant water. Usually the work is completed when system water use is lower, so timing for this flushing program is not ideal. We ask all users on the East Side Lake Windermere water system to conserve water as much as possible so that more water is available for the flushing program. Also a reminder, while flushing is happening, Windermere Water System users may notice temporary water discolouration or some sediment for a short time. If there is discolouration of the water, please run your cold water taps until the water is clear.

For billing purposes, starting July 1, the Windermere water will transition to the East Side Lake Windermere Water System and will begin to be charged those rates. The bill Windermere users receive in July will reflect only the consumption used in April, May and June at Windermere rates, since the base rate for those months was charged on your previous bill. The bill that will be sent in October will include both base rate and consumption for July, August and September at East Side rates.

Windermere Construction
Construction continues to progress well in Windermere. The second round of watermain drilling was completed last week, and now the Contractor is focused on installing services, hydrants and preparing tie-ins. A portion of Sinclair, between Government and Fairmont is now being tested.

There has been one lane that will no longer be completed this year. Due to a known Archaeological Site around the Windermere beach, we had an archaeologist on site for some preliminary digging where a lane reaches Columbia Drive. Some fire broken rocks were discovered, so no further excavation is permitted pending a more formal process with BC’s Archaeological Branch. The watermain that would have been installed in the lane between Selkirk and Fairmont Streets that reaches the Beach will not occur in 2020 (affected homes: 4654 to 4664 Selkirk and 4649 to 4663 Fairmont). This area will still receive treated water, as will the rest of the community.

The Contractor will be taking a long weekend this weekend, leaving Friday mid-day and returning Tuesday. They will be working on July 1.

Timber Ridge & Swansea Construction
Clean up continues for these construction areas. Last week, the drilling subcontractor installed the watermain across the Highway at Merlo Road. The Contractor is now working to prepare the new watermain for testing. Work at the bulk meter station in Timbermont Road is expected to get underway in early July.

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