Construction Update #12 - April 14, 2020

Construction continues to move forward. A couple of key notes/clarifications:

  • Windermere townsite owners: if you own property near our construction areas (shown with green in the attached) and are not currently in Windermere, please reach out to Elizabeth at to confirm whether the shut-off in your house is turned off.
  • Treated water will be coming to everyone on the Windermere water system later this spring/early summer. There are two components to the project and funding: (1) providing treated water to the community and (2) upgrading some of the aged and undersized watermains.


The temporary water services are ready to be connected, once test results are completed. If you own a home in our construction area (CLICK HERE TO VIEW MAP, streets marked as green) and are not at the property, we would like to confirm whether the water shut off in your home is turned off. Please send a quick note to Elizabeth at

This week, the drilling subcontractor will be on site. They are now planning to start with the loop comprising the lane by the Community Center/Stolen Church, Victoria Avenue and the lane behind the store.

We have had a few people ask about treated water and the community upgrades in Windermere, so thought we would share this information with everyone. Essentially, there are two components to the Project:

  1. Providing the community with water from the East Side Lake Windermere water treatment plant. The watermain to connect the two systems has been installed. Last year, some system adjustments were identified to improve overall system management. The current schedule is to have Windermere connected later this spring or early summer. Once this work is complete, the entire Windermere water system will have treated water and the Water Quality Advisory signs at the entrances to Windermere will be removed. No one in Windermere will have treated water until spring.
  2. Upgrading the water system in the community is the second component. Some areas of the Windermere water system are aging and smaller diameter which limits fire flow availability. We are working on upgrading some of these areas to provide a more robust water system. This is the work that occurred within the community last year and is getting underway this spring. These upgrades are not related to who will receive treated water since it is one system and once the system is connected to East Side Lake Windermere water treatment plant, everyone on the Windermere water system will have treated water.

Timber Ridge & Swansea

The work in Swansea Road is completed for now. We don’t have an update for where they will be working this week, but our understanding is the work in Cooper Road will be underway next week.

If there are any additional questions, please reach out to Elizabeth Ahlgren, Project Supervisor at or phone 250-489-2791.

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