Construction Update #15 - June 1, 2020

Windermere’s connection to the East Side Lake Windermere water system
We are approaching the time when the treated water from the water treatment plant will start entering Windermere’s water system. Part of the process involves flushing all of the watermains in Windermere. This flushing is expected to get underway during the week of June 8. While flushing is happening, Windermere Water System users may notice temporary water discolouration or some sediment for a short time. If there is discolouration of the water, please run your cold water taps until the water is clear.

Our current target for completing flushing and confirming with Interior Health about removing the Water Quality Advisory is the end of June. We look forward to being able to share the news with you when this milestone is achieved.

This will mean that starting July 1, 2020, Windermere will be considered fully part of the East Side Lake Windermere Water System and will be charged those rates. Details were provided in earlier newsletters which are available on our website.

Work is progressing well in Windermere. The drilling subcontractor is expected on site this morning to start installing the watermains in the second phase of this year’s work. Marwest Industries will then be working on the services and testing to have the new sections put into service. Drilling of the watermains is much quicker than services and testing, so some areas will be on temporary water for an extended period. We don’t have the detailed schedule for the order in which each street/lane will be completed.

Starting this week, temporary water will become the only source for most homes in the construction area. Also, please note, we do not connect temporary water to homes unless we have word from an owner that we should. If you aren’t in the home, water is not expected to be required and we prefer not to risk anything. Temporary water can usually be quickly connected to anyone’s house if you are away. However, depending on your hose bibs, some additional effort may be required, so please provide notice as you decide to come out so that we can ensure water in the home around your arrival.

Timber Ridge & Swansea Project
Water into Timber Ridge has changed and the pump house has been shut off as the work in that area has been completed. Pressures should have remained similar, except some areas in Timber Heights where pressures should have been improved. We may have some minor adjustments to make over the coming weeks, but what you see now should be consistent with expectations moving forward. The work in Swansea Road area is also almost complete. We expect to switch the water system in that area around June 8.

There is still clean up to do which will be the Contractor’s focus when they return to site this week.

The other outstanding work is connecting the water system between Merlo Road and the strata across the highway, and changing out equipment in the bulk meter station on Timbermont Road. We do not have a schedule yet for this work, but will let you know in an upcoming update.

Questions? Comments?
Elizabeth Ahlgren, Project Supervisor is overseeing the project and is available to discuss anything that comes up. It is best to email her at with your question and a phone number to call you back. You can also call the Cranbrook office and leave a voicemail at 250-489-2791

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