Wasa Recreation Contribution Service Alternative Approval Project Page Launched

The RDEK has launched a new project page for the proposed Wasa Recreation Contribution Service and elector assent process.

“The RDEK has been asked to investigate the feasibility of establishing a new service to assist with costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the Wasa Community Hall, outdoor kitchen area, tennis courts, outdoor ice arena, public washroom facility, softball fields, Wasa Lions Trail and playground,” explains RDEK Corporate Officer Tina Hlushak. “We have now received the required regulatory approvals and have compiled the information needed to provide electors with all the information they will need to make an informed decision about whether or not they are in support of creating this new service.”

A new project page has been created at https://engage.rdek.bc.ca/wasarecreation and all information related to the proposed service and elector assent process will be available on this page. In addition, an Open House will be held on October 6 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Wasa Community Hall to provide residents with an in-person opportunity to drop in, get information, ask questions and learn more about the proposal.

An information package, including details on the proposed service, elector assent process, timeline and estimated costs of the new service will be posted on the Project Page by Monday.

An Alternative Approval Process will be used to seek the approval of the community for the proposed service. Elector Response Forms will be available starting October 7 on the project page or by contacting the RDEK. Eligible electors opposed to the establishment of the new service will be able to submit an elector response form to the Corporate Officer between October 15 and November 17. If 10% of the eligible electors sign and submit elector response forms in opposition, the RDEK will not proceed with establishing the new service at this time.

“One of the tools being used on the project page is the Q&A tool. Anyone with questions about the proposed service or assent process can ask a question on this page and the answers will be displayed there, so it's a great way for everyone's questions and answers to be shared with the community,” adds Hlushak.

For more information, visit https://engage.rdek.bc.ca/wasarecreation or contact the RDEK.

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