The construction contract for the Timber Ridge Watermain Replacement Project has been approved by the RDEK Board. The contract was awarded to Elite Site Services at the March Board Meeting and construction is underway.

The project will involve the replacement of piping and infrastructure in the right-of-way on Ridge Way including the intersection of Timber Ridge Road. This is a reminder to residents in the project area to remove any landscaping or improvements as they will be affected by construction. Click here to view a map of the project area. Letters were mailed to the homeowners where construction activity is anticipated in the vicinity of their property.

For the latest status on the project, see the PROJECT UPDATES section below.

Other Planned Projects Slated to Begin in 2023:

An East Side Master Plan was completed for the East Side Lake Windermere Water System in 2022. Through the Master Plan process, the water system was thoroughly assessed and was determined to be in good condition. The Master Plan highlighted potential deficiencies and identified high, mid and long-term priority items that will assist the RDEK in planning and prioritizing projects. In addition, it helped identify new infrastructure requirements.

During the latter part of 2022, our staff spent several weeks doing detailed planning and two projects have been prioritized for 2023/2024: the Reservoir Fill Mains Project, Communications and Control System Upgrades. The total project cost is anticipated to be $5,084,333.

  • $2.1 million will be used from capital reserves
  • $1.455 million will come from debt borrowing that has already been borrowed
  • $1,529,333 has been approved by the RDEK Board in Community Works funding

This means there will be no additional effect on taxation for the East Side Lake Windermere Water Service to complete these upgrades.

By completing these projects, the water system will be ready for current and future growth and our Operators will have improved control over the system so they are better able to respond to high-production demands during peak periods.